Recipe for Ham with Cola Lime Sauce and 5 Key Questions to Ask The Rental Facility Coordinator (2024)

Today Iwould like to sharea recipe for one of the simplest,but most popular entrees served by my clients.

Spiral Sliced Ham with Cola Lime Sauce.

Recipe for Ham with Cola Lime Sauce and 5 Key Questions to Ask The Rental Facility Coordinator (1)

I originally found this recipe in the Reno GazetteJournal. Originally it wasa very complex recipe which called forsoaking the ham in a brine,baking with a complex rub and then finally serving with the sauce.To me,the various seasonings included in the 3 different steps over whelmedthe flavor of the ham.And since the sauce is so yummy, I omitted the first two steps, and everyoneraves about itas soon as they taste it, .Thepreparation is simple: open acan of co*ke, add brown sugar, lime juice and a few slices of jalapeñopeppers - simmer for a short period of time, cool and then refrigerate until the day of the reception.See notes regarding modifying the heat by removing the chili pieces. I am going to make the statement that men love this dish...based on the fact that I have actually had marriage proposals at receptions where this was served.

Amount Item
9-1/2 lb Spiral Sliced Ham

Cola Lime Sauce
1 Cup co*ke Classic
2 Cups Packed dark or light brown sugar
1/4 C lime juice (2 limes)
2 ea Jalapeno chilies; cleaned and seeded, sliced crosswise into 1/4" slices

Bring co*ke, lime juice, brown sugar and jalapenos to boil in a small saucepan over high heat. I remove the chili slices after about 3 minutes. Reduce heat to medium low and simmer until syrupy. Sauce can be made ahead of time and refrigerated.

Ham can be sliced off bone before hand and placed in slide lock baggies. Following the natural sectioning of the meat, make 3 or 4 cuts the length of the ham; cutting completely down to the bone. Gently removed the sections and separate the spiral slices.

To serve: Place ham in a shallow pan and spoon the sauce overit, cover with foil and reheat inthe oven, or chafer. Do not overcook.

As I point out in Frugally Fabulous Wedding Receptions, there could be limited oven space at a rental facility so having a meat dish that can be heated in the chafing dish is a big positive. It should take approximately 30 - 45 minutes for a full tray of ham to become hot in a chafer over full heat.


Recipe for Ham with Cola Lime Sauce and 5 Key Questions to Ask The Rental Facility Coordinator (2)

Once you have contracted with a venue what are the five key questions to ask the rental facility coordinator?

  • How early can we get in to set-up?
  • Can we use tape?
  • Can we string lights?
  • Can we burn candles?
  • What time do we need to be out?

Recipe for Ham with Cola Lime Sauce and 5 Key Questions to Ask The Rental Facility Coordinator (3)

How early can we get in to set-up?

If you are using a facility in high

demand, there is a good probability

you will be renting a "package" the

includes a specified period of time;

any extra time will incur an additional

charge.You will need to budget time

for several time frames; room set-up

and food set-up, the actual reception

and clean-up.

Allow a minimum of 2 1/2 hours for food set-up.

The time needed for the room set-up will be determined by the extent of the room decorations, the time needed to place linens on the tables, and putting table decorations in place. We suggest having one team work on the room decorations and another to put up the tables, get linenson and place the decorations on the tables. Have men available to do the heavy lifting, carrying and stringing. But have a woman on hand to direct the show. Use the men to set up the tables asthey can be quite heavy; they can then help the ladies put on the tableclothsand decorations. Remember to allow time for everyoneinvolved in decorating to go home and get ready for the event.I suggest starting to decorateno less thanthree hours before the event, preferably four.....that way everyone has time to relax and get in a festive mood prior to the event.

Recipe for Ham with Cola Lime Sauce and 5 Key Questions to Ask The Rental Facility Coordinator (4)

I had one client (mother of the bride) who insisted that the all the bridal attendants were going to help decorate. I express myconcerns about this arrangement to her; explaining that the bridal attendants were going to be with the bride, helping her get ready. Timing for this event was crucial because the ceremony and reception were taking place in a very small area of a local park. It was essential that all thetables, decorations, and even the drink and buffet setup becomplete before guests arrived for the start of the ceremony.

When I arrivednothing was done and I didn't see many people setting up tables etc.....andthen my client said " Well, you sure knew what you were talking about." Fortunately there were minimal decorations, the tables were covered and everything was in place when the ceremony started.

But why go through that stress? Ask close friends, or relatives, to help with the preparation. This is an excellent way for out-of- town relatives to become acquainted with your close friends. If you can't be

on-site put one person incharge ofsetting up tables and getting the decorations in place.

Note: The person in charge of the food prep will be taking care of the buffet and drink areas.

Recipe for Ham with Cola Lime Sauce and 5 Key Questions to Ask The Rental Facility Coordinator (5)

If you are using a facility that is not heavily booked you can probably gain access the day before to do the decorating. That is the ideal scenario, and it reduces the stress level for those involved in decorating. The people overseeing the food prep still need to be on site two-and-one-half hours priorto the start of the function.

Recipe for Ham with Cola Lime Sauce and 5 Key Questions to Ask The Rental Facility Coordinator (6)

The issues of tape, lights and candles are usually oversights that rear their heads in the middle of decorating. Unfortunately rental facilities have had to deal with ignorant individuals that have damaged the facilities, resulting in policies that affect everyone. Many facilities won't let you use candles due to liability issues, but will allow floating candles in a bowl of water. The new battery operated candles are a good option, which provide a nice alternative to no candles.

Of course, you will need to know what time you need to vacate the facility. are responsible for leaving the facility in the original condition. You have a sizable deposit to ensure that occurs; so get a clean-up committee organized beforehand to pick up garbage, clear off and take-down tables, sweep the floor and carry out all the miscellaneous items that need to be taken home. And yes, all the tables do have to be folded up and put away. The more bodiesthe better for this task.... we have seenrooms completely brokendown and cleanedin as little as 45 minuteswhen there isA PLAN ....which I will cover in detail in a future posting.

By combiningthelength of the set-up time, the function and the clean-up time you will have a total time frame for your reception. If there are strict time limits for your facility (and somedo have them) take the total number of hoursyou have the facility, deduct the set-up and clean-up times and you will havea time frame for the actual reception.

Many facilities will allow you to extendyour function by paying an additional hourly fee. But, if too much time goes are likely to lose those who are willing to pitch in and help clean-up.

Do I Need Additional Insurance If I Rent a Facility?
Be prepared to purchase an insurance rider from your homeowner's insurance provider. The fee could range from$50.00 to $200.00 foryour event, depending on the geographical location.

What Does the Rental Hall Provide?
Some halls provide tables and chairs. Be prepared to provide everything else. Detailed lists of everything you will need to rent or bring with you will be covered as you work your way through your planning.
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Recipe for Ham with Cola Lime Sauce and 5 Key Questions to Ask The Rental Facility Coordinator (2024)
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