Guide for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (2024)

Credit to Maka91 for the guide for Chapter 4 Collectibles, including the nightmare level location if you prefer video over text.

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Open up the hatch in front of you, and then climb up the rock wall. There will be a guard patrolling the hallway so if you are quick up the wall, you will need to take him out quickly before he spots you. You can always hang just below the edge to let him pass to make this window easier. You have a choice of either left or right at this point; personally, I went left. This way will give you access to ammo and health if you need it in the generator room. Once through that room, take the first staircase on your left, up 2 flights of stairs. You will come to a huge open platform, the railway. There are several enemies in this room so I recommend taking them out before hunting for the collectibles but I will list the collectibles mixed in with the enemy path so that you can find them after you are done or along the way if you choose.

Through the door, you will see a lone enemy patrolling; take him out when you ready. He will stop near the rail if you want to wait for a still shot. Near that rail and on a bench will be Gold Item #25 in a open briefcase. From this you will go right and then turn left into the room with an orange light/glow. Here you will find your first commander. Depending on your timing, he will either be facing you or have his back turned so take care when you first come around the corner. Up ahead you will see the 2nd commander patrolling. He is at the far end of the room. You can either take him out from your current position, or you can use the room to your right to get a better angle. Next enemy remaining (and where you will most likely get the attention of everyone else) is the big guy. Simply just pound your bullets into him until he allows you to perform a takedown, or he explodes if you miss that window. Dispatch any remaining guards that come to your position; I only had 2 more that came. Once this is done return to the room between the first and second commander. You will notice a set of stairs to your right. Go up these, and open the hatch. When you drop in, turn to your left and in the now back right corner you should spot Gold Item #26 sitting on the desk. There is plenty of health, armor, and ammo in this room, so fill up as you need.

In this same room, you will find your objective, which is a switch at the opposite end of the room from the last collectible. Once you hit it, you will be rushed by 20 or so enemies. This is a great time to work on a couple of perks. You can either work on cover kills or grab the MG46 from the big guy earlier and rack up some kills with it. I choose to do cover only as I left the MG46 on the top of this room and didn't want to chance running out into the fray for it. If you plan better than me, you can leave it by the door that you can open once the switch is flipped and grab it that way. The intense music never stopped for me so not sure if I had 1 enemy left or if it was fully cleared. Once you feel comfortable to move out though, pick up any ammo, heath, or armor that you need (grabbing the MG46 if there is still ammo left too) and then get on the tram.

The tram will start moving, and about halfway down a tram on the opposite line from you, you will come up full of enemies. Again, either use cover or the MG46 to dispatch the enemies. Once they are dealt with, use the hatch that is now open to exit the tram. Once on top, 3 more enemies will show up on the platform below. Take them out and then look up and use the line above to slide down below. This will auto trigger an enemy to enter the car below, but don't worry, you take him out with a swift kick to the head. Once you exit this tram car, you will see that there is a commander close by. Now I could not find a path to do this without alerting, so just use your cover in the tram for the first enemy. Once you have done that, you can continue, but WARNING do not enter the door that will be on your right or else you will not be able to get the collectible. Instead, continue around the platform to the other side and near the end, you will see Gold Item #27 on your left. Head back to the door and use it for cover to dispatch the enemies inside. I had 2 enemies left at this point, one of which being the commander. Make your way up to the top and into the room where you will find your objective.

At this point, more enemies will come on the tram you just summoned. If you are quick enough, you can run down to the bottom floor and use the crate there for cover to take the enemies out. If not, just take your time and deal with them however you can. There are health and armor on the tram you just called once they are dead. Then head to the tram on the opposite side of this new one to continue. You will come to the next platform and have a ton of enemies firing at you. At this point I unlocked the perk for cover kills and the following achievement:

You can continue with the enemies here or you can go through the hatch above which will start the cut scene. Once you are done and in the water, you need to find a hatch to open in order to make it out of the rubble. From where you gain control, look down and to your right to find the door that is slightly opened already. A Short swim to the cave and you will now have an area to clear out with 2 commanders. There is 2 enemies up and to your left. follow them to the spit of terrain and 1 will stop while the other continues. Quickly take out both at this point but do not continue on. Instead, go up the path that they both came from and at the end you will see the next collectible . Slide under the low opening to get Gold Item #28. Drop back down and go back to where you killed the 2 enemies to continue.

I was not successful with doing this area without raising the alarm, so I will tell you where the 2 commanders are and you may have more luck. When you enter the area, the 1st commander you see will be on the walkway right in front of you. The second is located around the corner from where you are, in the caves. There are 6 total enemies in this area if you raise the alarm, 1 being the aircraft that shoots missiles. I recommend the Bombenschuss for this enemy as it is a 1 shot on easy. After this area is cleared, however you choose to do it, there is a map on the bench on the lower level where you entered. Once you are re-armed, go up to the top level of the walkway and to your left. You will find a climbable wall here that leads you to the next area with a commander.

In this next section, I just said screw it and went all out and rushed to the top. There is an MG46 mounted that makes taking out the remaining enemies a breeze including the big armored guy near the commander. I grabbed both the MG46's (mounted and big guy) and brought them to the elevator. I recommend not getting on the elevator until they are both within reach as the next wave of enemies spawns at this point. You can use the MG42 to clear out this wave BEFORE hitting the switch on the elevator if you want.

Once you ride of the elevator, you will drop off the ledge and want to turn left. Use the climbable wall and once at the top, grab Gold Item #29. Use the hole in the floor here to drop back down into the cave and continue. Once outside use the climbable wall ahead to get up to the walkway above you and under the bridge. Once up this wall you will unlock the following achievement:

  • Freedom

    Escape Castle Wolfenstein

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Sprint jump across the broken sections of the bridge and once on the other side, around the corner in the room you should see Gold Item #30. Continue through the door ahead and dispatch the enemies in this area as you please. Continue through the door on the other side and then quickly into the hatch on top of the elevator before you get crushed. Once the doors open, there will be more enemies, so be ready as there is no cover from them. In the office immediately to your left, look in the filing cabinets to find Gold Item #31. In the other office, that you go through to progress, there will be a map on the board.

This next area can be a bit difficult depending on what difficulty you are playing on; however, on easy, you shouldn't have too much trouble. Just remember that the concrete barriers are destructible. Once the first area is cleared, use the window to unlock the door to the guard building and then climb through the hatch inside to progress. This next area will have several big enemies to contend with so I recommend the Bombenschuss again for easy 1 shot kills on most and easy time to hit the blue spot on the big guy when he comes. Shorty after, a giant dog will come, so grab the MG42 to deal with him and then continue to use that for the remaining enemies that spawn in the final area. Once they are dealt with, use the ladder where they were coming from to get to the other side. To the left of the giant wooden doors, use the hole in the wall to continue inside and down the stairs. At the bottom, break through the wall and continue down the path and climb up the climbable wall. Now you are in the village. It is a linear path and you can find a map next to the drunk guy and under a barrel. This is also right next to the Tavern/Safehouse, which is your objective.

Once inside, do not follow the girl just yet. First, go upstairs and follow the railing around to the left, past the bed for now. You will find Gold Item #32 here. If you have followed along and gotten all of them to this point, you will unlock:

  • The ecstasy of gold

    Collect 32 gold items

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Now go back to the bed for Nightmare #5. Here is a picture of the path you need to take.

For completing the Nightmare, you will unlock:

  • Escape! nightmare

    Complete the nightmare in chapter 4

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Follow the girl into the next room and prepare for a fight. There are a ton of enemies but plenty of cover for you to use inside or by using the windows to kill them before they come in. Once dealt with, rearm and go to the cellar door. Of course it isn't that easy, and instead, Jäger makes his appearance in a full suit of armor. You will need to do 4 total takedowns, including the final death one. I used dual shotguns and aimed for the blue pieces on his shoulders. Once you take both arms and the chest piece off, simply pound bullets into the open chest until he goes down for the final takedown and kill. But beware, he is now a bomb so quickly go to the cellar which is now opened for the cutscene.

Once back in control, you will head through a cave and do a dock. On the dock, make sure you take Letter #5 off of the table before you end the level. This will unlock the following achievement:

  • Paperboy

    Collect 5 letters

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Head over to the boat to end the level.

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Guide for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (2024)
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