Guide for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (2024)

Credit to Maka91 for the guide for Chapter 6 Collectibles, including the nightmare level location if you prefer video over text.

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During this chapter, you will obtain the pipe weapon for the first time and fight some zombies. Whenever fighting zombies, use the pipe to melee-kill them, and aim for their head when swinging. If done right, their head will explode. After 10 exploded zombie heads, you’ll unlock the Tough Skin perk and associated achievement.

  • Tough Skin

    Unlock the Tough Skin perk

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Once you are back in control, break through the wall in the back left corner and go up the ramp. Turn left and at the end of the room you will see a hole to drop through, BUT, don't do that yet. Instead look to the right of the hole and pick up Gold Item #41. Drop through the hole and you will meet your first Nazi Zombie *wink wink*. Remember to smash them in the head to get the tough skin achievement. Continue down the stairs to deal with 2 more zombies. Then look to the left around the bar to find Gold Item #42.

Continue on through the kitchen and then outside where you will have 6 zombies to defeat. Once they are dealt with, continue straight and into the blown out tunnel. At the end of the tunnel you will begin to clear the path and see the girl get attacked. Defeat the zombie who attacked her and then get your weapons. You will have to deal with her as well. Once that happens, a zombie with a gun, oh joy, will break though a door at the balcony above and begin shooting. Go up the stairs to kill him and another zombie. At this point I earned my perk. Your mileage will verify based on your use so far and accuracy of your hits.

Continue through the house until you come to a room with a giant hole in the ceiling. The next room after this will have 2 holes in the ceiling. Under the bed in the left corner of this room will be Gold Item #43. Continue a bit farther and then out of the house onto the street. I recommend switching to a gun/dual wield at this point as there is quite a mass of zombies ahead. The doors will open and your first bunch will come out. In total, you should expect between 20-30 zombies in the corridors ahead. Obviously, use the pipe if you still need the perk, but you may get overwhelmed, so be careful. Once you make it back to the dock building, there is a map to your left to grab.

Jump in the water and climb the ladder. Interact with the boat to pull it out and then you will automatically make the sawed off shotgun. Use it to kill the zombie and then look back in the boat for Letter #8 which you may have spotted already. Continue out the door, and then turn right. Make your way across the water by either jumping in and using the ladder or jumping to the boat and then the shore. Once across you should see Gold Item #44 sitting in the alcove.

Make your way through this area. Your goal is to get through the now busted gate which will be straight ahead of you. You do not have to kill all enemies to progress and in my experience, they kept spawning in. Once you get through the gate, use the ladder to your left to get on dry land. Follow the path around the corner and at the end you should see Gold Item #45. Just past this item and on your left you will find the bed for Nightmare #7. Here is a picture to guide you through it:

After completing the Nightmare you will earn:

  • Ruins nightmare

    Complete the nightmare in chapter 6

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Turn around 180 degrees from the bed and you should see a platform across the water. Jump to this. If you miss, there is a ladder on the right side of it for you to use. In the left corner, behind some plywood, Gold Item #46 is hidden. Turn to your left to spot a climbable wall. At the top you will see a map and have a choice to make. There is collectibles at both sides but you can get them in the same playthrough. Your choices are the following and both will net you an achievement:

To save Annette, go left once you climb the wall.

To save Kessler, go right.

Unfortunately, you can’t reload the checkpoint to change decisions, so you’ll have to replay the chapter to get the other achievement.

For the collectibles, go left, and about halfway down the hall you will see 2 sheets hanging on the right wall. In between those will be Gold Item #47. Go right and into the work shed at the end. On the workbench to your right, far corner, you will find Gold Item #48. Now you can make your choice to save Annette or Kessler.

Annette Walkthrough:

Choose the left side path. You will drop into the bathhouse area and will have to fight through many enemies. Once they are all defeated, go to the back left corner from where you entered the area and up the stairs. Go through the small opening that your objective points you to. You will then have to save Annette from the zombies in the room which will unlock:

  • Annette saved

    Choose to save Annette

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She will talk for a bit and then you will have to boost her up. Then use the zip line to move across to the other building where Keller is at. He will die and you will need to kill the zombies and then him when he turns. Go out the door and jump into the water. Swim into the tunnel and turn left. Look up and select the armored suit to exit the level.

Kessler Walkthrough:

Choose the right side path. You will drop into a garage area and be met with zombie and Nazis fighting each other. Be aware that every time you kill a Nazi, he will most likely turn into a zombie, effectively making you kill them twice. This was challenging, as I was running out of ammo on my primary weapons, so you may have to run around and find some as you are going. Once the area is cleared, use the back left corner to go up several flights of stairs and reach the room Kessler is in. Save him from the 2 zombies and you will unlock:

  • Kessler saved

    Choose to save Kessler

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He will talk for a bit and then ask for you to help him get through the door to your left. Once he is through, you will turn and see Annette being attacked. Use the prompt to swing over and kill the zombies. It's too late! Annette has turned as well, and you'll have to kill her. Go through the door, and jump into the water. Swim into the tunnel and turn left. Look up and select the armored suit to exit the level.

10. Chapter 7: Old Town8. Chapter 5: Wulfburg

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Guide for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (2024)
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