Stranger Than Friends (2024)

bestest bois of the best - mostly catered towards the semes ❤️
this stack also doubles as my fav BLs that i would recommend <:

note: as with most yaoi plots, characters (usually the semes) often start off toxic and may even remain so throughout the whole story. hence i've given my personal reasons for why they made this list and included a part to mention if they are complete green flags, red flags, or if they started out red and became green, so it's easier to choose which ones to avoid if for example you really can't stand non-con stuff. but seeing as this is a list of my best BL boys, most of them are gonna be green flags hehe

also, won't include "romance" or "smut" in the tags because 99% of the list has them


more that's not listed on MAL:

Frenemies: Thicker Than Blood [악우] - manhwa; 10/10
❤️ Baek Rigon (seme) x Yeo Haon (uke)
• red or green flag seme?: so green <3 i love him i love him i love him
• i tend to be more attracted to semes but here i love both the seme and uke equally
• they're both so hot and so endearing
• their constant bickering is SO FUNNY AND CUTE
• rigon always says he wants to kidnap haon, and i agree bc i also wanna kidnap haon but i also want rigon to kidnap me yk
• bonus, rigon's a soft dom who has a kink you'll notice in the side stories heheheheheheh
• tags: historical, fantasy, action, comedy, lil bit of angst, drama, childhood friends/rivals to lovers

Big Apple [빅 애플] - manhwa; 8/10
❤️ Juergen Eisler (seme) x Johan Yerpe (uke)
• red or green flag seme?: questionable green flag? cuz like he treats his lover very well but he has very possessive tendencies
• like he'd be the type to literally lock johan in his house to keep him to himself
• big on lack of communication and misunderstandings in this story bc both juergen and johan keep a lot of big secrets from each other :/
• but they're cute together and i'd let juergen lock me up anytime
• tags: fantasy, action, yandere seme, drama, lil bit of angst

Smyrna & Capri [스미르나 & 키프리] - manhwa; 10/10
❤️ Seram Marita (seme) x Theo Peserus (uke)
• red or green flag seme?: so green i thought i was looking into a forest full of lush trees, cured my myopia
• where do i even begin with seram??? on top of being a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS HUNK OF A MAN, he's the sweetest, most gentle, protective and loving soul ever???
• if you read omegaverse stuff, you'll know how alphas often lose all their sense and reason when they're in heat but even then, seram constantly asks for consent and makes sure that theo is not in pain
• and theo?? i love this tsundere power bottom ok i love him so much
• the two of them always take turns being each other's emotional support and pillar of strength, helping to calm the other down whenever things go wrong <3 i will love this couple till i die
• tags: omegaverse/mpreg, enemies to lovers, fantasy, historical, drama, angst

The World Without You [네가 없는 세계] - manhwa; 8/10
❤️ Han Segye (seme) x Woo Yijun (uke)
• red or green flag seme?: red but like... he's trying ;-;
• this one hurt to read. the author really portrayed trauma and depression very realistically here, even till the very end
• a lot of media tend to romanticise mental illness but this story fully shows the ugly and painful side of it for both the person struggling with it and the person who loves them
• tags: author!seme x aspiring actor!uke, psychological, angst, tw!self harm & depression

Love History Caused by Willful Negligence [미필적 고의에 의한 연애사] - manhwa; 8/10
❤️ Lee Wooyeon (seme) x Choi Inseop (uke)
• red or green flag seme?: a red flag that’s on par with yoon seungho from POTN. he gets better once he stops being in denial of his feelings towards inseop but he’s so mentally unstable that i could never say he's a green flag
• wooyeon is literally a diagnosed psychopath so...
• it’s actually very heartbreaking to see how often wooyeon loses his mind and does the craziest things because of inseop. the guy needs to be checked into a mental institution fr
• i'm mainly putting this title in this list because i love inseop so much ): he just keeps getting taken advantage of by mentally unstable people and i wish i could protect him from all of it!!! he is too kind and sweet for this cruel world!!!
• tags: yandere seme, psychological, angst, drama, hella non-con

The Pizza Delivery Man and The Gold Palace [피자배달부와 골드팰리스] - manhwa; 9/10
❤️ Doh Woowon (seme) x Kang Seo-An (uke)
• red or green flag seme?: such a gentle and soft spoken green flag
• my heart goes out to seo-an because i understand what it feels like to struggle with panic disorder as well
• when woowon said "everybody hurts sometimes. there's nothing to be sorry about", best believe i cried
• woowon's insecurities and heartbreaking inner monologues always make me so sad because it's so relatable
• they are just two hurt souls healing each other ): i wish that i could take all their pain away
• tags: poor!seme x rich!uke, power bottom, drama, angst, psychological, tw!domestic abuse

Willow Love Story [버드나무 로맨스] - manhwa; 9/10
❤️ Lee Reok (seme) x Han Sangyul (uke)
• red or green flag seme?: green flag prince <3
• reok was just the kindest man from the very beginning; even when he first approached sangyul with hidden intentions, he never once treated him with any disrespect and he was always so patient and gentle towards him
• sangyul my precious little cinnamon roll ;-; he most definitely deserves all the love and affection reok relentlessly showers him with
• caught myself smiling at so many of their cute moments together, this couple is so precious plsplspls
• and how they both just want to protect each other )): truly not a single toxic moment between these two
• tags: royalty, drama, omegaverse

Taming the Tiger [눈에 범이 서리다] - manhwa; 10/10
❤️ Beom (seme) x Ahn Geumhu (uke)
• red or green flag seme?: a green flagged killer, if you will <3
• fair warning - prepare to cry your eyes out
• our beautiful beommie only kills to protect his beloved lord. other than that, he's just a quiet giant who only seeks to stay by geumhu's side forever
• like even when they're doing it rough in bed, beom absolutely refuses to let geumhu be in pain, even if geumhu asks for it. BEOM COULDN'T BE MORE OF A GREEN FLAG EVEN IF HE TRIED
• they both would kill for each other; a murderous couple that kills together, stays together~
• i love how geumhu calls beom the spring to his winter ): words alone cannot capture just how beautiful, passionate and poetic their love is
• tags: historical, power bottom, drama, angst, yandere uke & seme, peasant!seme x noble!uke, tragedy

Dear.Door [디어 도어] - manhwa; 9/10
❤️ Cain (seme) x Do Kyungjoon (uke)
• red or green flag seme?: kinda sus in the beginning since he's a demon lord after all, but he ends up being the greenest green flag ever!!
• THE SMUT IN THIS IS INSANE. the uncensored version almost gave me a nosebleed what the heck it's so intense
• tbh i put this one off for a long time bc the art style is very seinen-action manhwa type which is not my fav but if you already love it then you'll love this, and if you don't, here's me telling you to give it a chance, you won't regret it
• the relationship between cain and kyungjoon will be one of the sweetest and most passionate things you'll ever see
• cain literally be the kind of antihero that's like, the world can burn for all i care, if kyungjoon isn't it. but as long as the love of my life lives on this planet, i'll fight till my death to protect it
• also all the side couples are super cute i love them
• tags: supernatural, fantasy, demon!seme x human!uke, action, drama

Unromantic [언로맨틱] - manhwa 8/10
❤️ Oh Hyeonoh (seme) x Chu Gain (uke)
• red or green flag seme?: green flag! adorable pupper boi :3
• if you're looking for a black cat/grumpy x golden retriever/sunshine pair, THIS IS IT, THEY ARE THEM
• tags: omegaverse, younger freelance writer/university student!seme x rich!uke, power bottom

Omega Complex [오메가 콤플렉스] - manhwa 10/10
❤️ Choi Taegyeom (seme) x Lee Yoonwoo (uke)
• um... why is EVERYONE in this manhwa so damn HOT??? eye candies everywhere
• taegyeom is the perfect boyfriend/husband material and i'm crying bc he's not real and i can't have him; he is so loving, so affectionate, so caring, so beautiful
• also i noticed that taegyeom loves to rub his face against the palm of yoonwoo's hand, it's the cutest thing ever HE IS SO BABYGIRL
• yoonwoo is so precious i wanna squish him- i totally understand why taegyeom cannot stop peppering his pretty little face with kisses at every given chance
• tags: omegaverse, childhood friends, drama, school, slice of life

Again [다시] - manhwa; 8/10
❤️ Kang Junil (seme) x Han Nokyoung (uke)
• red or green flag seme?: GREEEEN
• really feels like i'm reading a whole k-drama plot with this one, i love it
• kang junil is such a sweet, protective lover and a freak in the sheets I WANT HIM
• also nokyoung does crossdress a few times in this so if you're into that... (;
• tags: rich chaebol!seme x actor!uke, drama, regression/reincarnation

The Third Ending [세 번째 결말] - manhwa; 8.5/10
❤️ Seo Yoonseul (seme) x Kang Jun (uke)
• red or green flag seme?: he's not a perfect guy but i wouldn't say he's a red flag. just a realistic character making mistakes and doing his best to redeem himself afterwards
• kang jun is the cutest lil bby boi ever )): must protect at all costs
• yoonseul becomes the most devoted lover when they get together, he's so desperate for jun he literally falls apart without him- tbh it's rather satisfying to see him get knocked off his high horse after breaking jun's heart multiple times
• if you love desperate chasing/wooing plots, this is it
tags: office worker!seme x baker!uke, drama, slice of life

Stranger Than Friends (2024)
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