Shelbyville Now - Local NEWS (2024)

Shelbyville Now - Local NEWS (1)

July 3, 2024 - City Council Responds to Hooper Comments

June 29, 2024 - Bedford County Budget Passes with NO Tax Increase.

June 25, 2024 - Shelbyville-Bedford Parntership Questioned at County Budget Workshop
by Josh Blevins

June 25, 2024 - City of Shelbyville Approves Final Budget and Property Tax Rate for 2024-2025
by Josh Blevins

June 24, 2024 Could Tragedy in Korea Happen in Our Own Backyard?by Josh Blevins

Shelbyville NOW - Weekend Wrap UP - June 22, 2024 (caption is incorrect)

June 20, 2024 - Statement from Shelbyville City Council Member William Christie

June 19, 2024 - IDB Grants PILOT Program to Cooper Steel

June 13, 2024 - State to Inspect Duksan

June 11, 2024 - Duksan Safety Summit

June 2, 2024 - Violent Weekend in Shelbyville
Two violent crimes on Madsion Street in a 24 hour period. Murder suspect arrested in Alabama and shooting suspect still at large.
Updates coming Monday.

May 25, 2024 -City Raises Alarms Over Safety at Duksan Electera Plant

May 22, 2024 - Bedford County Commission Says Farewell to Julie Sanders

Heres from three potential replacements

May 22, 2024 - Bedford County Standing Committees Meet

May 15, 2024 -May 15, 2024 - County Commission Votes to Break Their Own Rules

May 10, 2024 - Jennings Lane Property to Remain Zoned R1

May 1, 2024 - SPWSS issues Moratorium on Sewer Connection Approvals

April 30, 2024 - Tennessee Walking Horse Industry - Breaking News

April 27, 2024 - Shelbyville NOW Weekend Wrap UP

April 22,2024 - Partnership/City Feud Spreads to Chamber of Commerce

April 20, 2024 - Shelbyville NOW Weekend Wrap UP

April 16, 2024 -Traffic Stop Leads to Drug Arrest on Parolee
by Bo Gill

April 13, 2024 - Shelbyville NOW Weekend Wrap Up

April 6, 2024 - Shelbyville NOW Weekend Wrap Up

April 5, 2024 - Bedford County Arts Council Responds

April 3, 2024 - Crews Resigns as Deputy Chief of Police

April 3, 2024 - Shelbyville City Council Monthly Study Session

March 29, 2024- Planning Commission Votes YES to Jennings Lane Rezoning

March 27, 2024
The state aid paving project which was to have been done this week on Fairfield Pike has been postponed two weeks as the result of inclement weather in the forecast. The new starting date for the project will be April 15, and the project will last about two weeks.
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March 22, 2024 -Bedford County Sheriff Deputy K9 “Ranger” Sniffs Out Another Drug Suspect

March 15, 2024 - Commissioner Makes Statement Concerning LawsuitMarch 7, 2024 - Graham Responds to Lawsuit

March 6, 2024 - City of Shelbyville makes Statement on Potential Litigation with County

March 4, 2024-Illegal Window Tint Leads to Drug Arrest

By Bo Gill

February 28, 2024- Bedford County Early Voting Numbers

Shelbyville Now - Local NEWS (17)

Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett posted early voting numbers for the Presidential Primary today, along with a comparison of the numbers from the prior Presidential Primary in 2020. In Bedford County, overall early voting was down from 1,788 in 2020 to 1,608 this year. However, Republican Primary early voting increased from 1,185 in 2020 to 1,442 this year. More dramatically, Democratic Primary early voting decreased from 603 in 2020 to only 166 this year, a drop of over 72%. Statewide, Democratic Primary early voting decreased by 63% from the 2020 Primary.

Election Day is Tuesday, March 5, 2024.

February 26, 2024-Council Moves Forward on Adding Air Traffic Control Tower to Airport
by Joshua Blevins
Shelbyville Now - Local NEWS (18)

Today in a Mayor & City Council Special Called Meeting, the four council members present (Turnbow, Christie, Feldhaus and Ewing) voted unanimously to approve a grant request to help fund Airport Layout Plan Forecast Revisions & a Federal Contract Tower Application.

If the grant is approved, the total cost will be $131,800, of which the city-paid portion would be 5% ($6,590). This is the next step in the process to bring a Federal Contract Air Traffic Control Tower to the Shelbyville airport. Eventually the hope is to have a tower manned by the Tennessee National Guard's 1-107th Air Operations Battalion with all manpower paid for with FAA money. Paul Perry, Director of the Shelbyville Municipal Airport, did mention that the airport would have day to day expenses connected with the tower such as utilities. He also explained that the entire process of getting an air traffic control tower is a long one, taking at least five years.

February 23, 2024-

Partial Building Collapse at the corner of E Depot St and S Brittain St.

Story by Joshua Blevins - Drone Footage by Bo Gill

Update on Partial Building Collapse at the corner of E Depot St and S Brittain St.

Demolition crews worked through the night to take down the building at E Depot Street and S Brittain St. E Depot Street has now reopened but S. Brittain remains closed.

A call came into 911 a little after noon today from Templeton & Associates Insurance that the rear of the building next to them had collapsed. The building is owned by Glass Hollow Properties who purchased it in late 2021. Shelbyville Police were first on the scene and immediately called in the Shelbyville Fire Department to assess the situation. A decision was soon made to close East Depot Street at South Brittain Street. City police and fire are currently on scene and waiting for a demo team to take down more of the building.

Shelbyville Homeless Camps - Cleanup progress - Look for yourself here:

Is Shelbyville Ready for DenselyPopulated Growth?
This should give us the answer.

Special Called Planning Commission Meeting concerning City Growth

Shelbyville Now - Local NEWS (2024)
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