Newmarket Era , June 27, 1924, p. 1 (2024)

Whatever your banking needs may bo thla Bank can satisfactorily fill them Every customer of this Bank whether their accounts bo largo or small receives the same courteous and adequate service IMPERIALRANK OP CANADA Cwrolty SOUTH END LUMBER YARD CEMENT BIRCH Red and White LUMBER LATH SHINGLES PEARSON End CANE SONS CO LIMITED amttMI DEALERS IN B M Lumber Lath Shingles Posts Etc Doors Sash JPlooring and Moulding Turning Sawing Dressing Etc The Cam Sons Co Older laughed and ball cried that lie wan dear old class of d ended up by kissing palled llic newly ladys hair After that sought out Master pattering theory How old ace you Tom she though the knew like ADC Twenty three answered Tom as he went on figuring Twenty- three he repeated with a look at perched upon table moused formulae Get ting older every day nothing to show for lie years He gloomed at her like Jupiter displeas ed and she went out and dimmed her In own eyeii with Tim colonel continued to entertain the fondest rpscllnted hopes he carefully announced often possible Miss persisted becoming more lovely- day day Tom went work ing oyer figures When Edwlna radiant learning wllh the glory or another year cast with despised gildings of to announce her the colonel proposed again Ho could not help It dear soul wlna Just tweaked his nose puffed an little kiss and scamp ered from the room By the eternal 1 murmured Col onel John Andrew when she left him with his hand still in the atti tude of drarnallc pleading Now wouldnt hhe and I make a pair of high steppers in the show on the avenue of evenings Then he over to an trunk and looked for a long while- at the picture a kindly faded lady in a locket had gone to Hie library here she lolled upon a desk talking about old but I him had flown around Mars Tom started blushing and Ihe colonel squinted a Itiem both Im Im stammered Tom but waved him Into silence Oil Iweulyebslil she said exasperation simply lit- Just think I day 1 twentynine Colonel John Andrew swallowed something underwent another change of expression sighed with final resig nation and relief smiled Then la It to be Shipley or or young Grogs he asked No no no red and desperate nor any of silly immature- flock Then In Hie name of Cupid who demanded Colonel John I Its to be no one quavered a little look at Torn on Hie settee Then she made for the door all ready for tears once Tom thundered Colonel John drew arise and ask that young lady te marry you Edwlna turned Great Caesar father cried Tom a twentyeight I til wheeling Wait called Tom and dallied om stumbled blunderingly up to Factory Yards Huron St Newmarket Toil In did Tom she persisted and he ceased bis calculations and turned hi dark solemn eyes on her do bis papers am twentyfour he declared In slightly tones and I have achieved nothing Now could He stopped at that and Edwlna slipped up lo her pinkish boudoir Wirpt softly for perhaps five When Edwina ripened into nrh high will l properly included S10II il ml lli fixed on nil property taken for reforestation and allowance school taxes should be made to the school which the tracts of land ituated and Highways The greater part of the County Commissioners dealt with recommendations respecting bridges and highways A five- mile stretch of road from the Methodist Church to Glairville on the PeelYork line he taken into the county good roads under an ar rangement Peel County and he superstructure of Baldwin bridge condemned by the engin eers is to be rebuilt on the com paratively new abutment which were laid four ago Two Other small bridges between and also are lo he rebuilt The commission ers reported that no action would bo taken on opening up the line between York and Peel Counties south of and included several recommendations re specting he painting and recon ditioning of bridges in opened the door and made off wilh fitly ready- made suits valued at about They had a large ear and at once started off towards The burglars were seen by Mrs J C who lives across the street She gave the alarm Police at and lingwood were notified and Mr and Chief of the By- la giving the countys ia guarantee to school or the act that I have done foj and woilb fii th- world I and Oh I In 1d respectively for high earnest Why look at he colonel construction and were passed The colonel winced but continued his beaming smile and Tom regard- COLLISION IN the flustered girl reach- j ON THE averted by the coolheaded of officers and steward id of how a Captain brought hi sinking ship safely into art nearly seventy miles from the accident when the Canadian Pacifii arrived here last have been devised WITH BLOWUP KIT charming elghteei of ber clear topic here and Georgetown June 19 An at tempt to blow he safe of lie Georgetown Creamery was thwarted and after a chase one Of a gang of four ile was captured after the col- lls j proposal the Armstrong of Winnipeg and the gold searched at the po tation ounces of rino together with fuses and ONE OAR JUST ALL LINE8 OF PINE SPRUCE and FIR LUMBER the Colonel eyed them slapped on their adjured the best delonalo pockets capture was due to ti vigilance pluck and quick of Jack and Riley duct the attempted robbery off Cap with the Italian leame Clara Camus in a dense foj in the day Both eU with platen twisted with pumps going limpe this port more than eigli lours after the Was Going Slowly According to the crew of town and across the road but the burglars evidently a move of this made a dolour around jolhor street and have mai clean Vienna June It is possible lo kiss to be kissed or to suffer oneself lo be kissed And the latter is sinful if the kii extramatrimonial Thus the verdict of the of Inch has frequently sprung the limelighf oT late with carefully thoughtout reasoning The verdict under was rendered an actioi brought by a woman fdr divorce the ground that her husband had kissed a fair maiden whom he had no right lo the ier she that relieved ibilily The careful deliberation four husband had IMP OF THE TYPES What a difference he change of letter makes The moat humorous misprint we can remember Is this one which went rounds several yean The doctor felt the patients and decided their was no hope Boston Transcript Monday Miss of Montreal Hospital Staff is here on va- and Mrs Andrews and family are visiting at Mrs J has re turned from a months visit in E and Miss leave today on a trio to it Byron Oliver is here from Ohio spend his vacation at Beach Mr J E is pre- at the exams at Sutton his week Mrs oin he lumbia Larry Doyle played lacrosse at on Saturday against Perth Mr Rowan of Toronto was in town Saturday on ac count of the illness of his father- inlaw Mr Vincent Mr and Mrs Holes of Grand Rapids Mich been spend ing a couple of weeks here relatives Mrs Holes is a sis ter of Miss Mr and Mrs Cody Mr and Mrs J J Pearson and Mr and Mrs are attending Friends Yearly meeting at Pick ering with Mrs Mrs JJ Watson New York to spend the last The Methodist choir lertained at Rose La Friday evening Mrs of Moore- field Ont was the guest of Mrs John Millard over Sunday Miss Evelyn of North who at tindm St Catharines spent ugh the fog abouL 9- thrice I THE ftdWAWOUQ W Phone V S to the decks atiiy ready and ar me made steamer Montreal which to take the rs of the Melaganna to Quebec will sail at daylight to morrow The Met gam reached St Job passengers and had lo be beached upon her arrival lal night The passenger will be carried although quarters would bo crowded it was announced TO HELP Years Ago Era July 3rd 18 Day was celebrated under the a Lodge 12th Rang cession fine W Band Pro jr by Talent Fanny of lloherlon Mr J Hell Mr of lo be Band Mr git of his holiday Inp in oka Three columns of- i1 te between the United State and Canada In Newmarket at the of brides father by Rev John Brown Miss of East Gwillimbury Samuel Chew of to Sun Mi him with a goldheaded Mrs Moore nee Miss v v Her formerly of Newmarket took part in an organ at last week Meeting last Sunday Eva Neil Dike Richard Willis Mrs Hughes Officers of Baseball Club John J McKay Ed Doyle Mich Geo Heise Bert Dawkins Gamble J church on of to Mis3- Grant of At June Miss Goring to Wellington of Newmarket At by Rev J Flavor at Hie residence of brides father J Hughes to Fred Willis of June at flu- Manse Ml Alberl by Rev A Miss Harriet David Miller both of Gwillimbury At the of the bride June by Rev Walts Miss Hannah Da vis to Allan both of On June at the of 11 J Beckett for Herb On June of thu bride father by Rev jARCHIVBS OF TORONTO


Newmarket Era , June 27, 1924, p. 1 (2024)
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