Homeless 75-Year-Old Gives Her Food To a Stranger - So, He Completely Changes Her Life (2024)

For the past nine years, 75-year-old Linda Witt-King has been living on the streets of Costa Mesa, California.

But that all changed with one chance encounter...and now, thanks to her simple act of kindness and the power of social media, she has a place she can finally call HOME.

Falling on Hard Times


“I can go to a motel tonight instead of sleeping in my tent” 🥹❤️ (GoFundMe 1N B10) #food #hungry #homeless #kindness #love

In 2008, the world was rocked by a devastating recession. Linda, who was 60 at the time, was one of the millions of people who were collateral damage. She and her co-workers "saw our careers dissolve beneath our feet."

She never worked in that field again.

On January 21, 2015, Linda lost her home. For nearly a decade, she has experienced homelessness and destitution. But despite her own devastating circ*mstances, she didn't think twice when a stranger approached her in the local library and asked her for food.

"Excuse me ma'am, sorry, I'm really hungry...do you have any food?" he asked her. She immediately reached into her bag and pulled out some food. When he asked her what she was going to eat she just waved him off and offered him more food.

Even when he told her it was more than enough, she still persisted.

What she didn't know was that it wasn't just some random stranger. It was Jimmy Darts.

Darts, whose real name is Jimmy Kellogg, is a 28-year-old influencer who uses his massive platform to help change "the next life" by donating money, cars, coats, and more, to people in need.

"Bless you, you're an angel," Jimmy said, hugging her. And then he turned the tables. He pulled out his wallet and handed her a wad of cash.

"Because you were so kind to give me food I have $1000 for you." Linda, visibly shocked, immediately began sobbing.

"I can go to a motel tonight instead of sleeping in my tent."

When Jimmy asked her why she helped him out, she shared that there's a homeless man, "a good man," that she runs into every now and then. She always tries to have enough so she can help him.

"Let's Change Linda's Life!" GoFundMe Campaign

Homeless 75-Year-Old Gives Her Food To a Stranger - So, He Completely Changes Her Life (1)Donate to Let’s change Linda’s Life!, organized by Jimmy Darts


When Linda first became homeless she hoped to use her experience to better understand the needs of the unhoused in her community. She wanted to develop a comprehensive plan to support them. But then she got stuck.

Homelessness became a trap she couldn't escape.

Jimmy was so moved by her story he decided to bring in reinforcements.

He turned to his 12 million followers and launched a GoFundMe.

"She became homeless so that she could help understand and help them more. Her mission is to help the homeless in a deeper way and help them get the real sustainable help they need," Jimmy wrote in the description of the GoFundMe. "I love that this is her mission and I want her to have more than enough to help the homeless."

"Linda is my hero."

Turns out, she's a lot of people's heroes. In less than 24 hours, the campaign raised a whopping $32,000. (It's currently sitting at $46,200.)

Jimmy met with Linda to share the amazing news. It was the surprise of her life. Beyond thrilled, she immediately started making plans.

"I need to get a van," she told Jimmy excitedly. "Where I can sleep, I can work, I can take care of myself, I can be mobile."

"I know which one I'll get," she added, smiling from ear to ear.

Two months later, Linda has her van AND she's living in a place of her own; all thanks to her generosity and the incredible outpouring of love from internet denizens.

"My life has completely changed," Linda told ABC 7. "There's nothing, hardly anything left from the old life."

Paying it Forward


Linda is no longer homeless 🥹❤️

Linda's act of kindness on that day in the library wasn't her first. After becoming homeless in 2015, she has made it her mission to help others living on the streets of Costa Mesa.

She dreams of opening the "Gracious Nomad Academy" to address homelessness. She wants to provide meals, access to hygiene facilities, a connection with the community, and a safe place to sleep.

She knows first-hand the long-lasting impact one simple act of kindness can have in a person's life.

As for Jimmy? He's going to keep on with his mission of making the world a better place, by changing it one life at a time.

"I'm on this earth for such a short time I want to do whatever I can to bring heaven to earth and change people's lives."

Jimmy Darts

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Homeless 75-Year-Old Gives Her Food To a Stranger - So, He Completely Changes Her Life (2024)
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