Gabb Wireless Coverage Map (2024)

1. How do I know the service will be reliable? - Gabb

  • Gabb Wireless is built on America's leading 4G LTE network. That means our users enjoy reliable connectivity and the largest coverage area possible.

  • Read these most frequently asked questions from Gabb customers and learn more about our efforts to provide a safe cell phone plan for kids.

2. Request Coverage - Gabb

  • Request coverage from Gabb™ Wireless in your area.

  • Request coverage from Gabb™ Wireless in your area

3. Gabb Maps | Safe Map App for Kids | Navigation for Kids and Teens

  • Gabb Maps is the reliable navigation app for kids. Give them a map app built safe from the ground up without harmful links.

4. Gabb Wireless Review + Discount Code - Thrifty Nifty Mommy

  • 29 mrt 2024 · As you can see from the map above, Gabb has great coverage throughout most of the United States! You can head over here to enter your zip code ...

  • If you've been searching for a safe phone for kids, we've found it. Come check out our Gabb Wireless Review to learn all the details!

5. 348+ Gabb Wireless Reviews | Best Company

6. I chose a Gabb Wireless kid-safe cell phone for my daughter. Here's why!

  • 20 jun 2021 · The Gabb Plan runs $24.99 a month. No ... Where Does Gabb Wireless Have Coverage? Gabb ... They do have a map in the parent's MyGabb app that shows ...

  • Plus, a promo code! When the time came to buy our tween daughter her first phone, we knew we wanted to find a kid-safe cell phone! We were so happy to find Gabb Wireless!

7. Gabb phone review: Cellphone for kids without the internet worries

  • The Gabb wireless phone itself is free, though you do have to pay a monthly plan fee to connect to the network. For unlimited talk and text messages it's $24.99 ...

  • Looking for a way to easily communicate with your kiddo? A Gabb phone could be the answer.

8. Best Phones for Kids: The Ultimate Guide - Protect Young Eyes

  • In the United States*, the most popular “first phones” for kids are: Gabb Wireless; Pinwheel; Troomi; The Bark Phone. *Cell coverage is tricky in each country.

  • Which kid-friendly phone is right for you? We reviewed Gabb, Pinwheel, Troomi, and Bark to give parents the ultimate guide to kid phones!

9. Gabb: Safe Cell Phone for Kids

  • Request Coverage · Gabb Phone · Gabb Phone 3 Pro · Products - Gabb Wireless

  • Get your child a kids phone you can feel good about. Gabb® is dedicated to providing a safe cell phone for kids. No Web Or App Browsing.

10. Gabb Watch FAQ - SafeWise

  • Gabb Watches are sold exclusively through the Gabb Wireless ... If you get Verizon coverage in your area, the Gabb Watch should work just fine. ... You have to buy ...

  • Wondering what the Gabb Watch does and how it works? Read our answers to Gabb Watch FAQs about compatibility, costs, features, and more.

11. Mobile LTE Coverage Map - Federal Communications Commission

  • 6 aug 2021 · This map shows the 4G LTE mobile coverage areas of the nation's four largest mobile wireless carriers: AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile, UScellular, ...

  • This map shows the 4G LTE mobile coverage areas of the nation’s four largest mobile wireless carriers: AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile, UScellular, and Verizon. Specifically, it shows where customers can expect to receive 4G LTE broadband service at a minimum user download speed of five megabits per second (5 Mbps) and a user upload speed of one megabit per second (1 Mbps) based on propagation modeling.

12. Purchasing, service plans - Gabb

  • Buy, upgrade, or replace lines with Gabb. Click to learn how to adjust or add lines with your Gabb plan, and more.

13. Gabb Wireless: A Smartphone for Kids to Keep Them Safe and Minimize ...

  • 4 jan 2024 · Their service has great connection and no problems in the local area where the kid needs it most,” writes a customer from Sandy, Utah. On Gabb's ...

  • Kids as young as five have their own smartphone. Gabb Wireless is a smartphone for kids to keep them safe and minimize screen time.

14. Gabb Z2 Review - SafeWise

  • The Gabb Phone retails for $149.99 and requires a $24.99/mo. service plan through Gabb Wireless. There's also a $25 activation fee. You can tack on a few perks:.

  • If you’re butting heads with your kid about their first phone, the Gabb Z2 is a great compromise. It has two cameras, unlimited talk and text, and no internet whatsoever.

15. Is Gabb Wireless a Good First Cell Phone? - Kids Ain't Cheap

  • 6 aug 2020 · Coverage on a nationwide 4G LTE network, and ... area. Is Gabb Wireless a Good First Cell ... Our teen isn't particularly chatty, but he uses his ...

  • Gabb Wireless is a good first cell phone if you're looking for a smart phone without Internet access. This phone looks like a regular smart phone.

16. Best Gabb Wireless Phone Plans in Hanover Park, IL

  • Showing 2 out of 2 plans that match the best phone plans in Hanover Park, IL. Plan Summary, Features, Monthly Price. $35. Advanced. Unlimited Talk + Text.

  • Compare and switch to the Best Gabb Wireless phone & data plans in Hanover Park, IL

Gabb Wireless Coverage Map (2024)


Can I get maps on a Gabb phone? ›

Parent-Enabled Essential App: Available on all Gabb phones, parents can choose to enable Gabb Maps through the Gabb App Store™.

What cell towers does Gabb Wireless use? ›

What network does Gabb wireless use? Gabb has its own network, the Gabb wireless network, though they connect via Verizon. On the plus side this means that Gabb users can take advantage of Verizon's huge network.

Why is the location of my Gabb watch not accurate? ›

Your Gabb Phone's location is not accurate

Make sure your location services are on. To check, open Settings on the Gabb Phone, choose Location, and tap App Permissions. Look for the MyGabb app under Allowed All The Time.

Why won't the Gabb phone update location? ›

The location is not accurate or updating (ie showing in a different state). A: Ensure location services are enabled on the Gabb Phone. Reset the app on both the Gabb Phone and the parent app (close the apps all the way down and restart the device).

What can a Gabb phone not do? ›

Gabb devices do not have web browsers, open source third-party apps stores, or social media apps.

Does gabb wireless have GPS? ›

Active GPS tracking allows parents to get GPS location updates on a Gabb device every 30 seconds for 10 minutes. Parents will typically use active GPS tracking when their child is walking to school, to the local park, or to a friend's house so that they can see their child's location in practically real time.

How often does Gabb update location? ›

Please note - on our Gabb Phones, tracking defaults to starting at 7am and reports every 15 minutes as well as a manual locate feature. Users can also change the Location Monitoring schedule to 24/7 with location updating every 10 minutes if desired.

Why can't I locate my child's Gabb phone? ›

When the cell service on the Gabb device is low it will struggle to establish a clear and accurate reading for GPS tracking. If the network is unable to feel confident in a solid signal it will usually not show a location. This can also impact the accuracy of the location of the device!

How much is the termination fee for Gabb Wireless? ›

If you are on a Two-Year Contract Term, then your early termination fee will be $150 plus applicable taxes, which will decrease by $6.25 per month beginning month 7 through month 15, and $10 per month upon completion of months 16 and through month 24.

How to activate Gabb maps? ›

Simply log in to your parent Gabb account to enable Gabb Maps on your child's device.

What are the safe zones for Gabb? ›

How to create and manage safe zones in the MyGabb App
  • Open MyGabb App.
  • Tap on devices.
  • Tap on child's device profile.
  • Scroll down and tap on "safe zones"
  • Tap on "add new safe zone"
  • Set location and radius of safe zone.
  • Name safe zone (like "house" or "school")
  • Tap on save.

Can you add apps to Gabb phones? ›

Log into your Gabb Account. Select “Gabb App Store” from the left-side menu. Choose which apps you want to enable and click “add.” Ensure your child's device is connected to WiFi, open the GabbID app on their device, sign in (if you are not already), and select “Check Updates.” This will begin the app download.

How to activate Gabb Maps? ›

Simply log in to your parent Gabb account to enable Gabb Maps on your child's device.

Can you put any apps on a Gabb phone? ›

Parents can choose to enable any of the third-party apps available on Gabb Phone 3 Pro. In addition, Gabb Messenger and Gabb Dialer come in place of the standard Android texting and phone apps. Gabb ID and MyGabb are used to pair the phone with the parental device.

Can you download any apps on a Gabb phone? ›

Log into your Gabb Account. Select “Gabb App Store” from the left-side menu. Choose which apps you want to enable and click “add.” Ensure your child's device is connected to WiFi, open the GabbID app on their device, sign in (if you are not already), and select “Check Updates.” This will begin the app download.

What are all the apps you can get on a Gabb phone? ›

Parent-enabled Safe Apps
  • Calculator.
  • Calendar.
  • Camera.
  • Clock.
  • Contacts.
  • Gabb Cloud.
  • Gabb Messenger.
  • Gabb Music (subscription required)
Jan 17, 2023

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