4 Surprising Healthy Facts About Tacos (2024)

4 Surprising Healthy Facts About Tacos (1)

Do you ever wonder if one of your favorite foods is healthy? Well, if you are a taco lover, you are in luck. There are several surprising health benefits from tacos! You can now get taco truck catering without the guilt.

1. Tacos Use Fresh Ingredients.

Most tacos, if not all, use fresh vegetables and herbs. The most common type of taco is well balanced with a mix of protein and vegetables. Tacos are often served either with beef or chicken and fresh vegetables such as beans, lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes. Even if you get a fast-food taco, it is healthier than the other more processed foods on the menu due to the fresh ingredients.

2. Tacos Provide a Balanced Meal.

All in one meal of tacos you get fats, carbs, and protein. Not every meal can say that! Plus, tacos are usually a quick and cheap meal. The meat in a taco provides the protein, the carbs are found in the vegetables and the tortilla, and the fats are in the guacamole, cheese, and sour cream. The best part is that tacos are very customizable, so if you want more or less protein, that's an easy change.

3. Tacos Can Fit Into Any Diet

Let's say you are on a special diet such as keto or low carb. Tacos can accommodate that as well. All you need to do is make the ingredients in your taco fit that criteria. If you can't have the tortilla, swap it out with a lettuce leaf or an egg white tortilla.

4. Tacos are easy to make yourself.

You might be wondering how making a homemade taco makes them any healthier. When you have the freedom to buy your own ingredients, you can choose just how healthy you want your tacos. For example, you can choose to buy organic vegetables. You may opt to make your own tortillas to avoid preservatives. This is one of the few meals that won't take you long to

make at home!

When you buy a taco already made from a fast food restaurant or frozen, you don't always know what ingredients the company added. You might be eating something you don't want to. When you make it yourself, you do not have to wonder what is in your taco. You can simply enjoy it without worrying about it. Plus, homemade tacos are guaranteed to taste fresh.

Taco Truck Catering

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4 Surprising Healthy Facts About Tacos (2024)


What is healthy about tacos? ›

Tacos Use Fresh Ingredients.

Tacos are often served either with beef or chicken and fresh vegetables such as beans, lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes. Even if you get a fast-food taco, it is healthier than the other more processed foods on the menu due to the fresh ingredients.

What are the positive things about tacos? ›

Top 5 Reasons to Eat More Tacos
  • They're delicious. This is probably the most obvious reason to eat more tacos, but it's also the most important. ...
  • They're easy to make. Tacos are also incredibly easy to make. ...
  • Tacos are pretty cheap. ...
  • Tacos are healthy (ish) ...
  • Tacos are fun.

What makes tacos unique? ›

Tacos' exoticism comes not only from the stuffing but from the way they are eaten: first, once the filling is chosen, a garnish comes to compliment the texture of flavors adding a pinch of sourness and spiciness with pickled onion salad, guacamole or pico de gallo, tomato, green tomatillo, or guajillo salsa, and ...

Are real tacos healthy? ›

In general, tacos can be a good source of protein and fiber that isn't too high in calories. However, certain condiments or extra items can significantly increase the number of calories and amounts of fat or salt.

What's the healthiest taco meat? ›

Use lean proteins: I love making taco meat with ground chicken, ground turkey, and salmon instead of ground beef for a leaner protein that still packs tons of protein.

Is taco a junk food? ›

To find out more, we reached out to Michelle Jaelin, a Registered Dietitian based in Toronto. What should tacos be considered — Junk food or health food? Jaelin: “Tacos could be considered as either a junk food or health food, depending on the ingredients used in the taco dish or how it was prepared.

Who ate the first taco? ›

Tacos are thought to come from Mexico, long before the Spanish arrived. Ancient Mexicans used freshly made, soft, flat corn tortillas and gave them with fillings like fish and cooked organs. It was a staple meal that provided vital nutrients and energy to those who consumed it.

Are tacos shells healthy? ›

#1: The outer shell

Flour tortillas are often full of refined carbohydrates. Whole-wheat or corn options are higher in dietary fiber, which helps to keep your blood sugar levels from spiking. While these healthy soft taco shells won't increase your taco fat, they're not great for low-carb diets.

Are tacos healthy for diabetics? ›

Tacos, burritos, and wraps can be tasty and permissible in your diet; when possible, ask for whole-wheat tortillas, and avoid any entrees that are fried. Add as many vegetables as you can on top and, if you can, add a small scoop of guacamole.

Is taco Bell healthy? ›

It's absolutely possible to eat healthy at Taco Bell. Look for meals with veggies and beans while avoiding meals high in saturated fat and sodium. Not only will it still be a delicious way to satisfy your craving for Mexican food, but you'll also be less likely to feel sluggish later. It's a win-win!

Why are tacos healthy? ›

It's easy to make a healthy meal with tacos! Tacos are an overall balanced dish, pairing carbs with protein and vegetables. To make the healthiest tacos, choose corn tortillas, a high-protein filling, and top with plenty of vegetables.

Why is it called a taco? ›

According to one etymological theory, the culinary origin of the term "taco" in Mexico can be traced to its employment, among Mexican silver miners, as a term signifying "plug." The miners used explosive charges in plug form, consisting of a paper wrapper and gunpowder filling. Indigenous origins are also proposed.

Why are tacos so special? ›

Why do we love tacos? They are quick, tasty, and available anywhere and everywhere. Tacos can be both a comfort food and an elevated epicurean delight. Taquerias, food trucks, and Mexican restaurants abound from coast to coast.

What is the importance of tacos? ›

Tacos are a symbol of the rich and diverse Hispanic culinary heritage. They represent the fusion of Indigenous traditions with Spanish and other global influences, resulting in a versatile and beloved food loved by people of all backgrounds.

What to add to tacos to make them healthier? ›

Creative and Healthy Taco Topping Ideas
  1. Poached Eggs. Poaching your eggs is the healthiest way to prepare them, limiting cholesterol while retaining all the nutrients. ...
  2. Pineapple Salsa. ...
  3. Mango Salsa. ...
  4. Scallions. ...
  5. Black Olives. ...
  6. Lime Juice. ...
  7. Pickled Radishes. ...
  8. Roasted Sweet Potatoes.
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