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3 Minute Coconut Mounds Fudge Recipe - Lou Lou Girls (1)

3 Minute Coconut Mounds Fudge Recipe

3-minute coconut mounds fudge! It’s dangerously easy to make…your tastebuds will thank you, but your hips will not!

3 Minute Coconut Mounds Fudge Recipe - Lou Lou Girls (2)

I’ve been wanting to share this recipe since Christmas time! My friend brought me the most delicious and easy-to-make fudge as a gift, and when she gave me the recipe, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make!

That got my wheels turning, and I thought like I always do, I could totally mix this up and make a ton of different fudges with the same 3-minute method! So, needless to say, we had a lot of fudge in our house, and I gained a few pounds over Christmas.

Of course, we had to try it a few times to make sure we got it right, and each recipe was just a little better than the last, but all were too delicious to give away!

3 Minute Coconut Mounds Fudge Recipe - Lou Lou Girls (3)

Fudge is probably one of my most favorite treats ever. I love it more than I love cookies!

And with this easy 3-minute coconut mounds fudge recipe, it’s easier than ever to enjoy it on a Sunday night with the family, even if I don’t plan ahead.

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3 Minute Coconut Mounds Fudge

2017-03-06 10:33:53

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Prep Time

3 min

Cook Time

3 min


  1. 3 cups white chocolate chips
  2. 1/2 cup virgin coconut oil
  3. 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  4. 1 tsp coconut flavoring
  5. 1 cup shredded coconut
  6. 1 cup dark chocolate
  7. 1 tsp butter


  1. Line an 8" x 8" baking dish with foil and spray with cooking spray.
  2. Combine white chocolate chips, coconut oil and sweetened condensed milk in a microwave safe bowl.
  3. Microwave in 1 minute intervals until chips are melted, stirring every minute.
  4. Fold in coconut shreds and coconut flavoring.
  5. Pour into baking dish. Spread until smooth.
  6. Melt dark chocolate chips and butter in a microwave safe bowl until melted. Stirring frequently.
  7. Spread dark chocolate on top of the coconut mixture.
  8. Pop the fudge in the fridge for an hour, or until it sets up.
  9. Cut into 1" squares and try not to eat them all in one afternoon!

By Jessica Ulrich

Adapted from 3 Ingredient 3 minute Microwave fudge.

Lou Lou Girls https://www.loulougirls.com/

3 Minute Coconut Mounds Fudge Recipe - Lou Lou Girls (5)

  1. Nice! Coconuts AND fudge, wow, there’s your million dollar idea right there 🙂


  2. Is this good to freeze


    1. yes


  3. Jessica, I have made 6 batches of this for gifts. But first I had to correct the mistakes in the recipe. Never use butter in the chocolate chips to melt for the top layer – it makes the chocolate seize up and become impossible to spread. Instead I substituted one Tablespoon of Coconut Oil (or Crisco works, too) , and it worked the way it should.


  4. Was your coconut oil in liquid or solid form when measured?


    1. oil


      1. Is this 1/2 c of melted coconut oil? -or 1/2 c solid?


  5. My coconut oil separated from the site chocolate in the microwave. It got weird. Hoping it still turns out. I blended it with a hand blender to try to get it to bind.


  6. Does the recipe call for sweetened or unsweetened shredded coconut?


    1. sweetened


  7. Will this work as well if done on a stove? I don’t own a microwave but LOVE coconut and dark chocolate!


    1. it should


    2. You will need to melt your white chocolate, and separately, the dark chocolate in a double boiler. If you don’t have one you can use a metal bowl that will sit over your 4 quart pan. Add water to the bottom pan, be sure the water does not touch your metal bowl. I’ve made the fudge using a “home made” double boiler like I described. It was before we had white chocolate and I knew nothing about sweetened condensed milk. And the recipe I used was wonderful. It really tasted like a Mounds Bar.


  8. I’m thinking you could also make coconut balls and dip them in the chocolate. Yum! More chocolate per bite!


    1. Great idea! I’ve done that. They look real fancy when gifted in a nice box.


  9. I am new to fudge making basically, so I tried this fudge and the coconut needs to be fully firm before you add the chocolate coating on the top. I did not know that.


    1. thanks for pointing that out!


  10. Have you tried using almond bark instead of the white chocolate? I’m going to try it!


    1. let me know how it turns out!


  11. I’m sure if you want almond joy fudge, just press a whole almond in a grid pattern into the coconut before adding the chocolate. Then cut the fudge around the almonds. What do you think?


    1. sounds perfect!


  12. Hey, just found this recipe and saved it before I even read it! I think I have more fudge pins than any other. I haven’t made this yet but soon, however I have made similar recipes. SO, now is the perfect time to shape this fudge into Easter eggs and then dip in the the chocolate. They are fabulous! I use a combination of Hershey’s chocolate, the chocolate bark and coconut oil. Just watch it close and stir often. If it seizes just use the coconut oil to bring it out of it. It won’t be as dark but great for those of us who like milk chocolate better. All is good!


    1. thanks for that!


  13. What can I use instead of coconut oil? Butter or Driscoll ?


    1. yes


  14. This was delicious! I made two batches and the first batch I felt it was too oily, so the second batch I halved the amount of coconut oil. I did not have coconut flavoring, but the unrefined coconut oil gave plenty of coconut flavor. I used unsweetened coconut and it was still delicious. I also used oil in place of butter to melt the chocolate.


    1. thanks for sharing!


  15. I made this today. 5 stars! I made the white chocolate chip/coconut as written – it’s amazing.

    I did both the white chocolate/coconut filling and the chocolate topping using a double boiler. I had simi-sweet chocolate chips and they were so old, I added 2 extra teaspoons of butter. It still didn’t melt well so I added a little milk and it helped. I added a pinch of salt and a 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla to the chocolate.

    Thank you for posting!


    1. I’m so glad! Thanks for sharing your experience!


  16. I want to love this but I must be doing something wrong. I have tried it twice. It keeps turning into an oily gloppy mess. It just won’t come together. Tried less oil. Tried different white chocolate. Tried mixing with hand mixer. I end up pouring about a cup of oil down the drain and likely much of the coconut flavor. What am I doing wrong?!


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3 Minute Coconut Mounds Fudge Recipe - Lou Lou Girls (2024)


How long does it take for fudge to set up? ›

After the chocolate has mostly melted, stir in the vanilla extract. Continue to stir until the chocolate is completely melted and the mixture is smooth and shiny. Pour into a prepared 8 x 8 inch pan. Let the fudge set at room temperature (covered) for at least four hours.

How to melt chocolate with coconut oil? ›

Adding a tablespoon of coconut oil or vegetable oil while microwaving helps the chocolate melt more smoothly and makes it the perfect consistency for dipping! The caveat here is that once cool, the chocolate won't set up quite as hard as it did to begin with due to the added fat content.

How long does it take fudge to harden up? ›

​Harden the fudge:​ Place your container or tins in the fridge for 2 hours, which is the time it takes for the fudge to set. Once it's hardened, cut the fudge into 12 pieces or remove it from the muffin tins. Store in the fridge or the freezer (if you don't devour it right away).

What is the secret to good fudge? ›

Tips for Making Fudge
  • Monitor the Temperature with a Candy Thermometer. If you end up with soft fudge that turns into a puddle in your hands or hard fudge that is a bit reminiscent of a crunchy candy, improper temperature is likely to blame. ...
  • Avoid Stirring Once the Mixture Comes to a Simmer. ...
  • Beat Thoroughly.
Mar 8, 2023

What happens if you put too much coconut oil in chocolate? ›

You'll want to add in only a small amount of the oil at a time — too much could create an unpleasant texture in the chocolate. Stir in a spoonful of coconut oil until it's blended with the chocolate, adding more as needed. The oil will help thin out the chocolate and make it easier to mix and pour.

Will melted chocolate with coconut oil harden? ›

Not only does coconut oil make your chocolate coating shine, but it also helps the chocolate harden. Have you ever noticed that, if the temperature outside is particularly warm, your coconut oil liquifies right in its jar? Then, if it's cold out, the coconut oil will solidify.

What kind of coconut oil is best for melting chocolate? ›

Stick to refined coconut oil (it's often labeled as "for high heat") instead of unrefined or virgin; refined coconut oil has a more neutral, chocolate-friendly flavor. The best reason to make your own chocolate dip is to use higher-quality chocolate.

How do you harden fudge quickly? ›

How can you fix soft fudge? Put it in a microwave safe bowl that is large enough that it won't boil over. Reheat it to the boiling point and cook for about 3 more minutes. Then you can beat some powdered sugar into it if this doesn't make it set.

Can I fix fudge that didn't set? ›

OPTION 3) Sieve together some powdered sugar and cocoa powder, and gradually work this into your unset fudge until it reaches the consistency of dough, then roll out and cut into squares, or shape into balls and then roll in powdered sugar (roll the balls in icing sugar, not yourself).

How do I know if my fudge is going to set? ›

The mixture may seize and become grainy. Use a candy thermometer or conduct a cold water test to check if the fudge is done. Do not rely on the cooking time indicated in your recipe. The fudge is ready when a candy thermometer reads between 112°C to 114°C (234°F to 237°F) or the mixture forms a soft ball in cold water.

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