12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (2024)

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and while you have plans lined up to express your affection to your significant other on the day, here’s a little help from our end. You can take a look at these cute Valentine’s day wallpapers for your iPhone and share them with your loved ones to get into the vibe!

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (1)

We’ve included twelve high-resolution wallpapers tailored for your iPhone. You get a preview of how they might look on your iPhone, followed by a Google Drive link to the wallpaper to download it in high resolution. So, without further ado, let’s get to the wallpapers.

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1. Aesthetic Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

We like this adorable wallpaper and the little symbol of love that is represented in this image. This is one of our favorites from this list of Valentine’s day wallpapers. Make sure to send it to your loved ones too!

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (2)

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2. Wallpaper With a Valentine’s Day Wish

There’s nothing better than spending time with someone special under breathtaking skies and sceneries. These days are indeed memorable, and if you recall having one of them, you’ll certainly like this wallpaper. Yes, it comes with Valentine’s day wish too!

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (3)

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3. Heart Wallpaper for Valentine’s Day

The good old heart symbol. This has been iconic for symbolizing affection, love, empathy, and respect among humans. We’ve found a wallpaper along these lines and how! Make sure to share this one with everyone you love.

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (4)

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4. Wallpaper for Communicating Love

Platforms that have helped us communicate love are unsung heroes of all successful relationships. Back in the day, it was handwritten mail, and now it has evolved to digital media. Despite all the flak social media platforms face daily, we must be appreciative of how it has helped us stay connected. Here’s a wallpaper that symbolizes communicating love!

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (5)

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5. Disney Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

We always wondered what Mickey and Minnie were throughout the show. But did you know in 1993, Walt Disney released a statement that in their private life, Mickey and Minnie were married? If you didn’t know about this, you’re welcome. And you’re also welcome for the below wallpaper of these cute ones!

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (6)

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6. Happy Valentine’s Day Background

The Cupid, which is an illustration of a boy with wings and a bow and arrow, is a symbol of love that has quite some historic significance. Here’s a wallpaper of Valentine’s day wish with a Cupid graphic!

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (7)

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7. Broken Heart Wallpaper

Sometimes, things inevitably get hard and life isn’t merry all the time. If you don’t have enough reason to celebrate and smile on Valentine’s day, that is all right. A broken heart needs fixing, so take a step back and focus on self-care. Here’s a wallpaper for those going through a tough situation. Bet on time and never lose hope!

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (8)

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8. Peanuts Wallpaper for Valentine’s Day

Charlie Brown and Snoopy showed us an adorable bond and quite an emotional friendship. Celebrate the love of friendship, camaraderie, and all relationships filled with care and concern. Here’s a cute wallpaper that has our hearts!

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (9)

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9. Teddy Bear Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

A cute teddy bear is one of the most commonly shared gifts among loved ones. When we came across this wallpaper, we couldn’t help but include it in this list of valentine’s day wallpapers for iPhone!

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (10)

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10. Hearts Valentine’s Day Background

Here’s another wallpaper full of hearts to fill your heart with all the love and joy on February 14th. Download away, and we’re sure this would go well on both your Home Screen and Lock Screen!

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (11)

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11. Aesthetic Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

We cannot get enough of these adorable wallpapers with hearts, and you would have figured it out by now. None of us can ever get enough of being loved, can we? And of course, the same goes with wallpapers too.

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (12)

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12. Cute Cat Wallpaper for Valentine’s Day

Where would the internet be without all the cat images, memes, and GIFs? Of course, there’s a wallpaper of a cat wishing you a happy Valentine’s day!

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (13)

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Wishing You a Happy Valentine’s Day

There you go! We hope you liked these Valentine’s Day wallpapers for iPhone. Also, consider this as a gentle reminder to go get that thoughtful gift for your special one! If you are by yourself this Valentine’s day, that’s awesome too – you get to have the entire wine, cake, and pizza! Not something everyone can afford to do on February 14th.

12 Cute Valentine's Day Wallpapers for iPhone (2024)


Where is iPhone 12 wallpaper? ›

In the Settings app, tap Wallpaper. Tap Add New Wallpaper. Tap Photos, People, Photo Shuffle, or Live Photo to choose your own photo. You can also select a wallpaper from a category like Weather & Astronomy, Kaleidoscope, Emoji, Unity, Pride, Collections, or Color.

Where can I download cool wallpapers for iPhone? ›

Below is a list of 19 brilliant websites to download the most amazing, original and gorgeous wallpapers for your iPhone or any other smartphone.
  • Papers.co. Papers.co is both a website and an app. ...
  • Poolga.
  • Pinterest. ...
  • Zedge. ...
  • iPhoneWalls. ...
  • iPhone Heat. ...
  • iDesign iPhone. ...
  • WallpapersCraft.
Mar 30, 2017

What size is iPhone 12 wallpaper? ›

1170 x 2532

Does iPhone 14 have wallpaper? ›

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max wallpaper is available in four different colors, just like the iPhones: deep purple, gold, silver, and space black. Just like other iOS 16 wallpapers, these new iPhone 14 wallpapers don't have a specific version for dark mode.

How do I find my wallpaper picture? ›

android. settings/files/wallpaper .

How do you get free wallpaper? ›

Unsplash has the perfect desktop wallpaper for you. Our wallpapers come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, and they're all free to download.

Is there a free wallpaper app for iPhone? ›

Introducing Vellum - find beautiful hand-picked wallpapers. With hundreds of stunning images included completely FREE in the app, you could change your look every day. We have new packs arriving regularly and also a brand new wallpaper every day. With Vellum, you won't need any other wallpaper app ever again.

What iPhone do I have? ›

Go to Settings > General > About. To the right of Model Number, you'll find the part number. To find the model number, tap the part number.

How to customize your iPhone? ›

Swipe to the screen you want to change, tap Customize, then tap Lock Screen. Tap the time to change the font, color, and style. To add widgets that include information such as today's headlines, the weather, and calendar events, tap Add Widgets, the date, or the field below the time.

Why is my wallpaper blurry iPhone? ›

Starting with iOS 16, have you noticed that your iPhone wallpaper appears blurry after you've changed it? This blurriness might be due to the "blur" setting being enabled or the wallpaper resolution being too low.

How to make a 3D wallpaper? ›

It's represented by the three-star icon under the Set Wallpaper pill. Select Create Cinematic Wallpaper and wait for the magic to happen. Android 14 identifies your image's foreground and background elements, and uses AI to add depth and motion. Give your Android phone a few moments to develop the wallpaper.

How do you make a 3D Lock Screen on iOS 16? ›

How to use Depth Effect on iPhone
  1. Without unlocking it, turn on your iPhone and long press anywhere on the Lock Screen.
  2. A customization menu will pop up. ...
  3. Select the photo you want to set as your wallpaper. ...
  4. If not already applied, tap on the three dots icon.
  5. Press Depth Effect.
  6. Select Add once you're finished.
Sep 20, 2022

Is there 3D wallpaper for iPhone? ›

Discover tons of AMAZING animated and visual 3D gravity wallpapers & ringtones! Customize your phone and let your imagination run wild. You'll find multiple categories such as gravity, ASMR, sport, nature, abstract, battery… to help you make the best choice and find the perfect fit!

Where is Apple wallpaper? ›

On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Settings, then click Wallpaper in the sidebar. (You may need to scroll down.) Select a wallpaper from one of the available categories: Add Photo/Add Folder or Album: Controls to choose your own images.

Why has my iPhone wallpaper disappeared? ›

Why does my wallpaper keep disappearing? Your iPhone probably runs iOS 16.1. 1, which comes with a bug in the wallpaper display. According to Apple's report, the disappearing wallpaper can be completely fixed in iOS 16.3, and users can restore their wallpaper feature by updating their iOS version to 16.3.

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